poetry from another dimension


the missing

image from indy files
now i know
space inadequate to
reveal the tug
of ropes of feelings
longing covert
subversive connections
numb oblivion
painful longing

potion of the ancients

elixir of transformation

seed of ecstasy

stretching of the heart strings

reaching through space
to feel the infinite you
igniting memory
launched across the ages
folded into a tiny
moment of


speech divine, a newark sunday morning

I’d like to speak about poems,

(and rain)

but ……..

betrayals and broken hearts

litter the avenues of  language

obscuring gifts (seen and unseen)

obscuring gifts (known and unknown)

words of mysterious origin emerge to

                                       unfold levels of meaning and aspiration

on THIS page

in THIS life

Transducing the sacred

Repopulating the planet

Seeding the future

With gifts of


pray ma


The weed has to grow for the seed to be extracted from

/*Deep dark archetypal playing fields*/


(yes uproot)


/*These crimes of betrayal*/

Lay down

Lay down

/*Seeds of the new world*/

Live here live here

/*let go those dark corners*/

/*emerge in light*/

The cosmic radio waves transmit

The preachers

The philanthropists

The con men

Go higher

Get elevated

Uplift uplift

Uproot and uplift

Find your mountain range

And live there, eternally asking



If they judge you

Let them go

They know not what they do

Ah, I see

They crucify the sacred in their quest for meaning

In the plastic graveyards of the shopping malls

This is confusion


The seed of disease

don’t let them

(Tell you that you should be different)

don’t let them 

(corrupt the seeds you are planting) for

Love and light

Do you trust yourself?

This then becomes the key

It always will be

And always was

The only key

myriad jackets

Myriad jackets
None quite right for the weather

Like potential partners
This one, not warm enough
This one too long
This one needs a softer lining
Or a stronger collar to weather the cold

The temptation to stay home is
Oh so powerful
But then
Something might be missed

An interesting joke at the corner
Told by a newspaper man in a rain hat
Or the beauty of cold clean snow
Or even
The occasional rainbow

A kiss when it’s not expected
Or the mutual belly laugh of the intimate
Mmm maybe a beautiful sigh
Or a moment of protection
From a splashing car
Or an unkind relative

no, this is not a day to stay home
just because you don’t have a jacket
nor is this a day to stay alone
just because the fit is not perfect
or fear holds you back from the thing
you want the most

put on your jacket and get out there
let the rain fall on your face and whisper
a thousand sweet nothings
heard by only you
there is nothing to lose and only
experience to be gained
maybe getting a little wet
from the rain seeping between
the cracks
in your heart
or raindrops falling on your head
a little rain never hurt anyone
my mother used to say
you never know what you can find in a puddle
and sometimes the imperfect fit
turns out to be the perfect fit
after all

the inbox


it’s over

yes that and that and that

all gone

years of history

this person who no longer exists

assimilated as she was


a new form



(one hopes)

but her mail

still sits

congested in my


click, unsubscribe

notices of events

no longer to be attended

click click unsubscribe

sales on items

the desire for which has long ago been


click click

those digital ideas

unsubscribe, click click

take up space

they have

a lot of weight

click, click

who knew

the power they would have

in keeping us from




i remember when he wrote me this





Back Scroll






heaving sigh, delete, click



no rhyme

No rhyme,

no rhyme

the dude he says




no rhyme

no rhyme


Rhyme it be like the

imitation of



ME, i’d rather have the






than a false rhyme

set them words to squeeze together

like a shotgun marriage


it’s no divine song

if the meaning is bound by the






me, I say

who says there ain’t

no rhyme?


like you tell the ocean the waves got to crash on

your time?

your time?

your time?





speaking….mind and heart

instrument panel of the soul
(the voice)
indicator lights blinking
what’s turned on
or off

speech of the mind?

or the heart?


does this song emerge from a seat
on a rickety fence

dividing the two…

one from the other…


does it spring from the seat where
mind and heart speak as one
real talk
mind and heart speak

as one

take your seat
a teacher once told me
perhaps this was what she meant
it was she
who taught me this hearing

i love to hear you talk
every word seems
with new meaning
i hear you
the words seem
sprung from a seat where
mind and heart speak
as one


love song, to the mysterious cosmic lover

One day
strolling the ethers
and there you were
shimmering divine being
pranic circuits flirting

us, sitting together
on the rings of saturn
playing with mergence
and emergence,
magnetic fields ignited
by the pulling away
like taffy

and staying together
like friends

that was fun
and very sexy

velvety whispers

in a convolvulic ear
the space between
by the pores of the skin

once the theologian
sat across the table
black overcoat
steady gaze
cerebral circuits
love only known
in separation
divine or

it was a mystery
yet to be
in understanding

now, on those rings of saturn
I knew
melding together
pulling apart
the space between
the only space
of touching

you or
love or god
or all that is

this space between
the richest of treasures
beauty of the together
revealed only by
the space between