poetry from another dimension


beloved delicacy

tasting of salt and sea
shimmering emerald green
or even deeper
why are you wasting
your life wrapped around a piece
of dead fish?

you would be better served
if you landed yourself
with a few green sprouts
full of vitality

or crumbling into
unctuous avocado spears
lubricators of the pure mind

or resting on a bed of fluffy fresh brown rice
the most evolved of cereal grains

let it never be said that your B12
is not assimilable–
it is when they don’t overcook you

let it never be said
that you are bland or unexciting–
you thrill those who can taste
the richness
or your minerals

your sublime presence in a dish
is an homage to treasures revealed
only in the kingdom of edible plant

oh nori, queen of the sea
may the only fish you see be swimming
in the ocean