poetry from another dimension


speech divine, a newark sunday morning

I’d like to speak about poems,

(and rain)

but ……..

betrayals and broken hearts

litter the avenues of  language

obscuring gifts (seen and unseen)

obscuring gifts (known and unknown)

words of mysterious origin emerge to

                                       unfold levels of meaning and aspiration

on THIS page

in THIS life

Transducing the sacred

Repopulating the planet

Seeding the future

With gifts of


pray ma


The weed has to grow for the seed to be extracted from

/*Deep dark archetypal playing fields*/


(yes uproot)


/*These crimes of betrayal*/

Lay down

Lay down

/*Seeds of the new world*/

Live here live here

/*let go those dark corners*/

/*emerge in light*/

The cosmic radio waves transmit

The preachers

The philanthropists

The con men

Go higher

Get elevated

Uplift uplift

Uproot and uplift

Find your mountain range

And live there, eternally asking



If they judge you

Let them go

They know not what they do

Ah, I see

They crucify the sacred in their quest for meaning

In the plastic graveyards of the shopping malls

This is confusion


The seed of disease

don’t let them

(Tell you that you should be different)

don’t let them 

(corrupt the seeds you are planting) for

Love and light

Do you trust yourself?

This then becomes the key

It always will be

And always was

The only key



(a decade goes by, the instruction still specific)

you don’t know
where this leads

your blazing heart will lead the way
i promise you

the babe in the SUV behind you
drives so close to the edge
you cannot stop to enjoy
ducks resting
on a frozen pond
cell phone to ear
an important agenda, unfolds in her automobile

or her imagination, who knows

do you?
you think you’ve changed
but it’s the same old story
wearing a different

you think you are a warrior of the heart
but inside
the game remains the same

shed that armour
forge new aliiances
take the uncharted
fork in the road
that blazing heart will lead you
and love
will light
your way

terrestrial serenade

resting on the shore
in the arms of the beloved
sprinkling kisses and stars
veritable showers of joy
a celebration of being

wrapping arms around me
the whisper of sweet nothings
begin like molten caramel
then mutate
into an agenda
of the movie
would have me star in
wait, this was never a competition
it was love’s sharing

the angel whispers “wake up, natalie”

heart beat frozen
sorrow and disappointment
kisses and stars
lay neglected and wilting
on the green grass
now turning brown

scooping the treasures
not repossession
but protection
fear that they will die of neglect
kisses and stars
having not been well received

by the
warm soft heart
trapped in the
gilden cage

may you be free
planting closing kisses on
the cheek of the beloved
sandpapery stubble
warm breath

“okay’ i tell the angel “i’m ready to go”

padding down
to the river’s edge
soft soles crush
brown blades
toes sinking
into wet dense earth
slipping down the bank
splashing in the current
jagged rocks pressing
tender feet

climbing aboard
tiny boat
propelled upstream
against the current
cool water
splashing sides
seeking the honest
clear carefree heart
awaiting my own

‘what you are seeking is seeking you”
wind whispers blowing through tangled hair

arrival on a cosmopolitan shore
friends issue jovial greetings
we traverse the path

up the mountain
brown grass and rocky outcroppings
from the top of the mountain
gazing down
sea below

“do you mind” i ask
‘of course not” it’s a loving send off
i drop the bag and the big heavy coat
when their acquisition occurred

naked and free
accepting solitude
diving into the ocean
and deep
an embrace
hugs of green and brown
and liquid kisses transformed
into infinite shades of blue
unlatching the door
this wild soft animal heart
never born
never dying
showers of kisses and stars
pour out into the being of this
terrestrial body

dropping into rock and
mud and sea


semi-charmed life

I prayed for wealth

and i dreamed that
the lord destroyed
the home and
the family
and the work that I called my own
had all but disappeared
i found myself in a land of plenty
surrounded by opulent furnishings
and glittering gems
with which to adorn the body
our bodies draped in silk
were maneuvered through time in space
in expensive machines
lined with the skins
of sentient beings

the table was full of food
but none of it was real
we could feel it
we could taste it
but it provided no nourishment
when people spoke to us,
we could not hear them
unless they were
telling the truth

and then I woke up
and found myself no longer
in the land of silks and gems,
but instead on a hard dirt road
wearing naught but a sheet
carrying begging bowl and walking stick
but this time
everywhere I went
people were singing
and they were speaking of love
they supported one another
through gestures of kindness
and happiness permeated the air
like a fine fragrance
our huts were simple
our needs were few
and when people spoke the truth
we heard them

and then I woke up
to find myself back
in my humble home
wearing a ripped up t-shirt
and a pair of jeans
with a small bit of food,
full of nourishment
and friends everywhere
speaking the truth

and i realized that the wealth i’d been seeking
had been here
all along

© 2010 exitsbyalice (because I’m not selfless enough for public domain 🙂

beloved delicacy

tasting of salt and sea
shimmering emerald green
or even deeper
why are you wasting
your life wrapped around a piece
of dead fish?

you would be better served
if you landed yourself
with a few green sprouts
full of vitality

or crumbling into
unctuous avocado spears
lubricators of the pure mind

or resting on a bed of fluffy fresh brown rice
the most evolved of cereal grains

let it never be said that your B12
is not assimilable–
it is when they don’t overcook you

let it never be said
that you are bland or unexciting–
you thrill those who can taste
the richness
or your minerals

your sublime presence in a dish
is an homage to treasures revealed
only in the kingdom of edible plant

oh nori, queen of the sea
may the only fish you see be swimming
in the ocean