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There is no way


to be sad

as you grow older

for you know

all this beauty

will not be with you



waking up

Either you are awake

or you are not

either way….



the teacher says

light rippling down etheric threads

the web of consciousness

between us

revealing itself

one glimmer at a time


the beautiful concepts





Sadhanas of waking

catalysts arousing deep dark slumbering

atmospheres of being

into awareness

conversion of density into brilliant sustaining substance


clearing the air


concepts, just concepts

the awakening is in the…

awakening moment, wherever that is





oh to, know




oh to, hang out with the devoted


oh to, absorb the living





oh to, hang out with the devoted


become awakened to our own longing


becoming devoted

absorbed in love, the all there is

the catalyst to waking up

(or not, it doesn’t matter)

the sadhana, the process of devotion

fall in love with me

out of the WayImage

but not, 

Out of the way

The right place

at the right time


just around the corner


with the happenstance

of cash in hand

rare, that

I know

I’m in the right place

at the right time

to fall in love

Pomegranates and


a poem for your birthday, dear

sweet one

nectar of my heart

fall in love with ME


YOURSELF, second

the ever-unfolding universe

THIRD, then…unexpected.

the friend emerges

full of blissful dreams,

and wine filled nights


we have our priorities





concrete cave travels

shoulder brushing almost knews

a thousand shades of gray

green city.  Make a million, own a tree


she brushes your shoulder

possibility, and eludes your grasp

moving on to the next fellow

lady fortune

blessings at random, or so it seems


connections always there

and never happening


a place to stay single


and free


a place to hone your 

who you ares

and wave the flag of your identity

seen maybe by the ones or twos 

who come out to see you

heard maybe here or there


the struggle to be seen and heard 

among the multitudes of wanna be’s

thinking it will be easier to be seen in a crowd.

a foolish endeavor indeed.


a single voice in a canyon of few bounces

in infinite echos….heard by those miles away


it never happens 

the way you think

it will


enough said


enough said


words keep coming,

drowning out moments,

like monsoon dreams


wondering when, 

enough is enough


then, words stop

I am full.


spy in the house of love

this house i sit in
is full of love
doors off the hinges
poems on the fridge
kitties under the sofa
fancy feasts complete

I aspire to live in such a house
and do my best to build one
in myself
that someday I’ll live in one
outside myself

one part honesty,
two parts trust

one part patience,
three parts forgiveness

one part hard work
four parts play

one breath of kindness and a generous helping
of sweet words

and thousands of kisses blown on the wind
like dandelion seeds
hoping for ground to root in

some day looking back
assessing the outcome of
all my actions
some clear
some mistaken

i wish to see
this house of love

the freedom

the freedom of no more apologies

one would think
a man who didn’t care what
anyone would think
one would hate such a man,
wouldn’t they?
wouldn’t that person be arrogant
and conceited?

a friend in a leather hat
queried over our vegan

logical it seemed
but no,
it wasn’t true
I never hated men
who didn’t care what I thought

on the contrary, I loved them
I only wished
I had been granted a place somewhere
in their spaces of freedom

i wished I could be them
(with my own anatomy intact)
fearless and free
unabashed in caring for my own needs
and desires

I remembered the long ago days
when apologies were all I knew how to say
opinions given away like
to the highest bidder
the one whose
I valued the most

ten years of “in your face”
veganism later
I no longer fear
your thoughts about what I am
thinking, or saying
not that I wish to offend
but rather instead that I value
my own expression

it’s true
those years of speaking
on behalf of those who
could not speak for themselves
liberated me from the need to
compromise my integrity
for you

those years of speaking
on behalf of those who
could not speak for themselves
opened the door for me to speak for myself

Am I perceived as arrogant and conceited?
By a few perhaps
but having held fast to the expression of my own opinion
I received a thing I value most
my own approval