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fall in love with me

out of the WayImage

but not, 

Out of the way

The right place

at the right time


just around the corner


with the happenstance

of cash in hand

rare, that

I know

I’m in the right place

at the right time

to fall in love

Pomegranates and


a poem for your birthday, dear

sweet one

nectar of my heart

fall in love with ME


YOURSELF, second

the ever-unfolding universe

THIRD, then…unexpected.

the friend emerges

full of blissful dreams,

and wine filled nights


we have our priorities






concrete cave travels

shoulder brushing almost knews

a thousand shades of gray

green city.  Make a million, own a tree


she brushes your shoulder

possibility, and eludes your grasp

moving on to the next fellow

lady fortune

blessings at random, or so it seems


connections always there

and never happening


a place to stay single


and free


a place to hone your 

who you ares

and wave the flag of your identity

seen maybe by the ones or twos 

who come out to see you

heard maybe here or there


the struggle to be seen and heard 

among the multitudes of wanna be’s

thinking it will be easier to be seen in a crowd.

a foolish endeavor indeed.


a single voice in a canyon of few bounces

in infinite echos….heard by those miles away


it never happens 

the way you think

it will


enough said


enough said


words keep coming,

drowning out moments,

like monsoon dreams


wondering when, 

enough is enough


then, words stop

I am full.