poetry from another dimension


Gazing at foothills
tree carpets stroking slopes
and valleys

distant lands
sheer concrete canyons
caves in the psyche
skyscrapers steal light

sisters waging war
in sterile rooms of
the scientifically armed
breast abduction
theft of the most covert kind
disguised by a surgeons
bombardment of tender
the mystery of peace and healing
sought through violence and war
the bomb outlawed on the international landscape
it’s microcosmic equivalent
a secret operative
in subtle warfare

perfect orbs
man made
sad restitution for the demise
of motherly love

nothing strange here, they say
the plague must be fought
who is the enemy?
who is foe?

travesties perpetrated
mother nature fights back
snow storms, no power
no work, no money, no food
it’s cold out there, he says
and in here, she says, pointing to her heart
or maybe his

I loved a man who loved me hole
not whole
a thousand warm embraces and soft kisses
never asking, or noticing or sharing
a cup of himself

I loved the world around me
himself included
just because he was
my own little battle in the war
to make love not war
and find a truce in this heart
of gold

I lived in a glass house
slightly above it all
the sun and the moon close companions
in isolation
love bloomed in practice
how it was done
how I prepared for the war
on me, and my sisters
and waged the battle in a bedroom
no bigger than a closet
with a man who loved me hole
not whole

the gods pulled me out
clouds of misogyny and racism
poured their rains on the land
penetrating the skin
poisoning the heart
just a little

so I would know, I suppose

pulled out, like troops out of a war zone
relocated, reassigned
inner pilgrimage,

I could not win alone
the comrades few and far between
the tactics and scrimmages they chose
I sought another battlefield
where the war raging would no longer be about the landscape that is my body
but would focus on that which this body represents


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