poetry from another dimension

speech divine, a newark sunday morning

I’d like to speak about poems,

(and rain)

but ……..

betrayals and broken hearts

litter the avenues of  language

obscuring gifts (seen and unseen)

obscuring gifts (known and unknown)

words of mysterious origin emerge to

                                       unfold levels of meaning and aspiration

on THIS page

in THIS life

Transducing the sacred

Repopulating the planet

Seeding the future

With gifts of


pray ma


The weed has to grow for the seed to be extracted from

/*Deep dark archetypal playing fields*/


(yes uproot)


/*These crimes of betrayal*/

Lay down

Lay down

/*Seeds of the new world*/

Live here live here

/*let go those dark corners*/

/*emerge in light*/

The cosmic radio waves transmit

The preachers

The philanthropists

The con men

Go higher

Get elevated

Uplift uplift

Uproot and uplift

Find your mountain range

And live there, eternally asking



If they judge you

Let them go

They know not what they do

Ah, I see

They crucify the sacred in their quest for meaning

In the plastic graveyards of the shopping malls

This is confusion


The seed of disease

don’t let them

(Tell you that you should be different)

don’t let them 

(corrupt the seeds you are planting) for

Love and light

Do you trust yourself?

This then becomes the key

It always will be

And always was

The only key


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