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myriad jackets

Myriad jackets
None quite right for the weather

Like potential partners
This one, not warm enough
This one too long
This one needs a softer lining
Or a stronger collar to weather the cold

The temptation to stay home is
Oh so powerful
But then
Something might be missed

An interesting joke at the corner
Told by a newspaper man in a rain hat
Or the beauty of cold clean snow
Or even
The occasional rainbow

A kiss when it’s not expected
Or the mutual belly laugh of the intimate
Mmm maybe a beautiful sigh
Or a moment of protection
From a splashing car
Or an unkind relative

no, this is not a day to stay home
just because you don’t have a jacket
nor is this a day to stay alone
just because the fit is not perfect
or fear holds you back from the thing
you want the most

put on your jacket and get out there
let the rain fall on your face and whisper
a thousand sweet nothings
heard by only you
there is nothing to lose and only
experience to be gained
maybe getting a little wet
from the rain seeping between
the cracks
in your heart
or raindrops falling on your head
a little rain never hurt anyone
my mother used to say
you never know what you can find in a puddle
and sometimes the imperfect fit
turns out to be the perfect fit
after all


church bells, revised

The ‘berry rings
church bells
5:00 am

alarm intact
from days
deep and resonant with practice

managing the world
by standing on my head

in those days
this alarm said
/Wake up and practice/

it says
/Wake up/

the ultimate digital zen master
inviting not an escape from life

instead inviting one
to live

not deep and dreamy
filled with unconsummated desires
and transcendental aspirations

instead, life
tasting of dishes
heaped on the table
in front
of you

Some liking
Some not liking
All part of the feast of living

church bells on christmas
ring with joy
to celebrate the birth of a love
so huge
for thousands of years
it’s been remembered
sometimes, well, like any other gossip
the story’s all wrong
the ‘berry rings church bells
and i remember instead
instead to celebrate
that loving presence
living right now

In the hearts and minds
of each one of us.
It’s all right here

wake up the alarm says
your life is waiting