poetry from another dimension

love song, to the mysterious cosmic lover

One day
strolling the ethers
and there you were
shimmering divine being
pranic circuits flirting

us, sitting together
on the rings of saturn
playing with mergence
and emergence,
magnetic fields ignited
by the pulling away
like taffy

and staying together
like friends

that was fun
and very sexy

velvety whispers

in a convolvulic ear
the space between
by the pores of the skin

once the theologian
sat across the table
black overcoat
steady gaze
cerebral circuits
love only known
in separation
divine or

it was a mystery
yet to be
in understanding

now, on those rings of saturn
I knew
melding together
pulling apart
the space between
the only space
of touching

you or
love or god
or all that is

this space between
the richest of treasures
beauty of the together
revealed only by
the space between


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