poetry from another dimension


resting in space

this singular


this snake

gliding forward

slipping the confines of old skin

and old lives

shedding masks

disguises abandoned

you were…..

i was…..

and now…..




resting in space

room to breathe

beyond one way of being

it’s all new

ever unfolding





the hug of the cosmos

that great spinning milky


arms swirling

around naked freshly exposed skin

the whisper

“i love you”

radiates through the ethers

I pretend

not to hear


echos of truth

love pulsating

endlessly though the veins of all beings


is this living

or dreaming

this quickening pulse


it must

it must

be living

it is moving

it must be conscious

the intentionality is clear

if not the intention



can i work with this?


I must

I must

i am living

i am moving

i am conscious

my intention becomes clearer



rest in space


this infinite reality

requires a greater vocabulary than

i have at my command

expanding in all directions


my friends, she is no more and

no less than the cosmos





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