poetry from another dimension

terrestrial serenade

resting on the shore
in the arms of the beloved
sprinkling kisses and stars
veritable showers of joy
a celebration of being

wrapping arms around me
the whisper of sweet nothings
begin like molten caramel
then mutate
into an agenda
of the movie
would have me star in
wait, this was never a competition
it was love’s sharing

the angel whispers “wake up, natalie”

heart beat frozen
sorrow and disappointment
kisses and stars
lay neglected and wilting
on the green grass
now turning brown

scooping the treasures
not repossession
but protection
fear that they will die of neglect
kisses and stars
having not been well received

by the
warm soft heart
trapped in the
gilden cage

may you be free
planting closing kisses on
the cheek of the beloved
sandpapery stubble
warm breath

“okay’ i tell the angel “i’m ready to go”

padding down
to the river’s edge
soft soles crush
brown blades
toes sinking
into wet dense earth
slipping down the bank
splashing in the current
jagged rocks pressing
tender feet

climbing aboard
tiny boat
propelled upstream
against the current
cool water
splashing sides
seeking the honest
clear carefree heart
awaiting my own

‘what you are seeking is seeking you”
wind whispers blowing through tangled hair

arrival on a cosmopolitan shore
friends issue jovial greetings
we traverse the path

up the mountain
brown grass and rocky outcroppings
from the top of the mountain
gazing down
sea below

“do you mind” i ask
‘of course not” it’s a loving send off
i drop the bag and the big heavy coat
when their acquisition occurred

naked and free
accepting solitude
diving into the ocean
and deep
an embrace
hugs of green and brown
and liquid kisses transformed
into infinite shades of blue
unlatching the door
this wild soft animal heart
never born
never dying
showers of kisses and stars
pour out into the being of this
terrestrial body

dropping into rock and
mud and sea



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