poetry from another dimension



what does it really take to get to the top of the heap?

it was
i know
but I had to ask

if money was no object
what would you communicate

everyone looked perplexed
the conversation lapsed back into
the market

do we really have a free market?
or freedom of speech?

is there art without
a buyer?

or is it all just governed by the bell curve
of purchases

two blocks away
academia embraces
the creative writers of the next generation

i wonder sometimes
if i should go
take advantage of the

get a few impressive names
under this belt of
who’s who that I have studied with

i’ve done that before
it never worked

that the market gibber
will ish this

not because i don’t love the
but because it seems to me
that the ones who master the market
are never bound by it.


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