poetry from another dimension

is it the wrong tree?



maybe this was god’s way of saying

YOU are barking up the wrong tree


(*inner seething, mild*)

stop dreaming

says the guru

stop dreaming

wake up

(*to what?*)

to the realization the world

is naught but suffering

(*so what you are saying is

I should sit

on this cushion and

close my heart to

this big beautiful world*)

you are dreaming

(*since when was a dream wrong?)

(*dreams built aeroplanes*)

(*invented medicines*)

(*painted waterlilies*)

(*fell in love with the wrong person for the right reasons*)

(*thus transcending the division between right and wrong*)

(*there’s a field out beyond that difference I’ll meet you there*)

(*wrote poetry*)


it’s not permanent the “Self” is

the “Self” does not change

(*oh, look the jade plant is flowering again*)

(*what was that, i’m supposed to be unchanging?*)

(*who came up with that idea?*)

(*I’d rather die first*)

(*ha ha ha*)

(*and of course be born again*)

(*and again*)

(*and again*)

(*hell if i’m going to have to do this over and over again*)

(*I may as well enjoy myself*)

(*and all those different bodies i get to wear*)

*young ones, middle aged ones, old ones*)

you will always be disappointed

(*maybe that’s just part of life*)

(*i could enjoy my disappointment*)

(*could be fun*)

you will be unfulfilled

(*forced out of complacency and into growth*)

[**you are barking up the wrong tree

the guru says, vehemently**]

“Oh really?  And who are you speaking for?” i respond



outside the window

a sunset

then a night filled with stars

people laughing

and singing

out this


celebrating god goddess all that is

in the life they have



(*is it irreverent to speak to the guru this way?

i suppose irreverence implies the existence of


“what i see is,

its god’s dream,

and we are in it.

deny the dreaming

you deny the source

of the dream

I suppose,

barking up the wrong tree,

is relative”


i don’t know who this dude is, but apparently we are contemplating the same things

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