poetry from another dimension

the yajna

homa sweet homa
no where to stand
no rest in this space
full of love
and divine longing
with no object to pour
this substance over
and cow dung
and sound

love, the only action worth doing
all else, just cow dung on the fire
pour your heart out, sister
when the love flows like melted ghee
we’re in pretty good shape

the teachers stopped teaching
instead they taught
nishta del brahma,
the fixed space to rest
as a conduit of
infinite love
then blessed
the learning with extra cookies
like auspicious omens
of things sweet and nourishing

ignite me
please, would ya?
There is no where to go but up
Propelled into space
Like major tom
without the attachments
above the fray
the flow runs
you will learn to fly

huma sweet huma
bird of paradise
rising from the ashes
and flames
bestowing kingship
on the beloved
like isis
glimpsing phantom kings
in digital space
gazing at the homa
for the sun
sunday the day to honor men like kings
with a bowl of fire
now here she is
bird of paradise
like sita
whole in herself
showing the way

its hard not to be humbled
In the presence of such a one
entering the fire
the ego all that burns
In the fires of love
no need to stand stable in the flames
surrender and
be transformed into
the flame


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