poetry from another dimension

reverence recast

bow down to the patriarchy
structures confining
forehead brushes against
cold hard marble
at the feet of the master
and you?
to touch the space of wisdom, truth
beauty and love

bow down to the patriarchy
the embodiment of hierarchical order
washing away whispers
of hope and redemption
the structures of the mind project
confines onto the world
who is the master?
money? power? fame?
knowledge of matter?

or love?

bowing down, shhhh
be careful of the disguises
the prison guards are wearing

new world order
shifting of poles
crumbling structures everywhere
you think it’s over?
not until the caged bird sings

a friend touches the sky
while standing on his own two feet
stretched by the love in his own heart
allowing it to lead the way

revealing hieroglyphics
images emerging
in he etheric fabric
of this form
skin and bone
and electrical potential
carving a pathway
for the soul to travel

the mind surrendered to the heart
slipped under the semipermeable
membranes of myself
awakening sleeping giantesses
snoozing in primordial waters

an artful gesture
extending a subtle tether
into the atmosphere
in to shore the this humble raft
upon arrival
an ordinary guy
in the suburbs
raising a family
claiming no ownership
this magnificent

“Look! Unplugging from the patriarchy!”
gesturing towards the screen (me)
looking over my shoulder (he)
“that would be me!” he laughed
father of 5 or 6 or ten-or something

“no, you resisted every attempt i made
to position you there” we laughed together

forced cracks of light
break into the darkness of a mind
power and possibilities
onto others
rather than
embracing them

friends of long standing now
a breath of mutual
whispering through
skies of hard won freedoms to come

It’s a war no question
gotta choose sides
what are you giving your power to?
and who are your allies?

i think you will come
to a place that you like
with all this

was that god’s way of saying
“hang in there?”

no, the only oracle
in town today
is the song of this deep blue heart
if only
it could be heard
amidst the din
of experts
vying for attention
and telling us
what to think

there are millions of ways
to quiet the voice
of love:

tell it what to say
hear it not
project a story on to it
your very own nightmare
rock the baby but give it no milk
so subtle and elusive
this safe prison door
of silence

bow down to the power
of Love
this time it won’t be
in the body of a teacher
or a musician or a healer
it will be in the earth
cascading waterfalls
and the companionship of a thousand other species
plants, birds, children
and the movements of the sun moon and stars
the goddess’s adornments
the lady the in the bakery selling cupcakes
with chocolate icing
can you speak for her?

that will do no good

there is no bowing down without a listening ear
power is not in what there is to say
but in what we are willing to hear, really hear
coming through the cosmic radio station
and singing in the wind

can you hear her?
or is the digital recording of the info mind
creating a structure
to affirm a sense of control

this earth is NOT fragile
the structure built upon it to feel safe,

it’s an investment in an illusion


bow down to the power
of Love
the goddess potency
it’s confinement and destruction
an illusion
at best
(Einstein, after all, was a vegetarian)
an ego trip, this

Bow down to the old order
and off with your head
it won’t hurt
don’t worry
a guillotined ego
transforms into bliss

Bow down to the power
of Love
surrender control
flow with the sparks that form
the universe
and become a star
in infinite space
ever evolving
exploding creation
no walls to this
no boundaries
to its capabilities
let the force that
propels you out of this atmosphere
carry you to distant galaxies of light
and heat

blessed one, know
that you are
not only made of stardust
you are the stardust


One response

  1. Woah..

    I’m going to have to read this 1,000 times.

    this Priceless freedom, worth every penny of dukha.


    January 11, 2011 at 1:23 am

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