poetry from another dimension

rock and roll choirboy

rock and roll choirboy
hopeless romantic
awakener of slumbering hearts
fulfillment of every unspent longing
from school days
ditching a perfect score in calculus for
for the hopes of a ride
in the back seat
of that mustang

wild heart
tucked in a drawer
forgotten for decades
a compromise for the thing that appeared to be
it was a mirage
knowing it all the time
mother was wrong
this heart was right
staid institutions
white dresses
holy contracts
have nothing to do with the feeling
hearing you
for the first time

starting with a beat
then pounding
this wild heart sought freedom
found deeper longings
a reservoir of
untapped imagination
breaking free of its cage

hearing you feeling you,
fearing you
in the avalanche of feeling
would this wild heart
burst open
yet again.
and explode me

it did

shedding holy images
of what was lovable
hopping in the little honda
opening the moon roof
one more time
electric guitar humming against eardrums
like the whisper of an urgent lover
speeding out on the highway
letting the rain come in
not contemplating the danger
of wearing ones heart on the sleeve
it might blow away
ah ha
then, at last
this wild heart would be free


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