poetry from another dimension

stone idols

what are you looking at?

seriously. this is foolish!

here in the crowd
we gather together
seeking truth in distant beings
who don’t know we exist
looking at the stars
or the images in magazines.
gazing at the image
of a saint
will make you holy,
even if you never
speak one word to them
or they to you


my friend pam and i sat on the dais and talked about talking
and teaching
and how we lead each other to the truth
or don’t and
how we lead ourselves to the truth
or don’t and
you know
she has no orange robe
and neither to do I

we see each other
and we are seen by each other
maybe nothing more needs to be said
but still there is much to say
reflecting back and forth

we want the best for each other
and maybe that is enough.

the guru sakshat
is the bridge to the truth
so the mantra says….
“here and now”
that is all.

just because the crowd agrees
does that make the teaching true
or holy?
or meaningful?
don’t you want to touch it yourself?
how do you know “leaf”?
seeing a picture, looking over a ravine
or sliding tender fibers
between your fingers?

my friend pam and i sat on the dais
speaking of truth and yoga
and teaching
and what we wanted to share
and what we were afraid to.
and speaking the truth
or keeping it silent
and that grey grey area in between
a blind follower
and one lost in the forest

honey, no stone idol
could lead you out of the forest
but maybe a friend could

© 2010 exitsbyalice


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