poetry from another dimension

the bhakta soliloquoy

a dream within a dream within a dream
he speaks as though to himself
she is onstage, listening,
the apparent soliloquy

other observers too
his “love” for the woman
assessed and churned in dialogue
and yet

he’s talking to himself
isn’t he?
and then goes on to ban marraige

perhaps a loving act

it’s all about him
being not being
she goes off to shed her mortal coil
and is never heard from again

sequences of reflecting mirrors
who is seeing who
in this grand design
does one ever love anyone
other than oneself, really?
or do we love that they love us?
or love the feeling in ourselves
when we love them
and they don’t? (love us)

a puzzle unthinkable
a challenge only feel-able
an answer only taste-able
a sweet essence of all that is
hari krishna
hari krishna
krishna krishna hari hari
they got it down.
to be god
to have only oneself
to love
no fun
too much work
to play with god to dance with god
to sing with god to yearn for union with god
to dive onto the forest floor with god
mmm, sounds fun

there’s got to be an other
for us to project that love onto

to see it to feel it to play with it
to make love with it
the only way to know love
the only way
the only way

activate that verb
conjugate it
sublimate it
irrigate it

to be
to be love
to be lov-ing

and THEN
and THEN
you can slip and fall and drown in it

© 2010 exitsbyalice


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