poetry from another dimension

the sorcerer’s apprentice

it was an experiment really
that is all
a little of this
and a little of that
I had seen the sorcerer do this
a thousand times
or maybe more
and poof, magic arises

I wanted some of that
maybe, it was
to do good
or maybe not
but doing good is a deadly kind of power
perhaps the most insidious kind
because we are so sure
it’s not about us
it takes a special kind of soul
to execute that maneuver

ha ha
a cosmic joke, yes it is
another one

the great gandhi even said,
we only serve for ourselves
we aren’t serving for anyone else
sorry to tell you that
i don’t know maybe you never thought otherwise
I found that a great disappointment
well, my ego did, anyway.

and so, the sorcerer went on the road
and left her broom
or maybe it was his broom, its all a blur
and told me not to sweep
of course, i had to sweep!
off I flew into the night
well aware that patanjali says
this is a great obstacle
yes it is a great obstacle
on the path to knowing God
to get your hands on a broom of that measure
and think you can handle it
watch out, it will handle you

broom, art, intelligence, substance
power, creation, intervention, invention,


it’s an invitation to meet your mortality
REAL FAST if you are lucky
and REAL SLOW if you are not
its only at the edge of the abyss
that we can really meet our maker
i think, maybe, what do i know
i learned the hard way
not to think i knew the answer
to the human
I’m with Soren Keirkegard
there really is only one choice

to assume
you are meeting your maker
or to assume
you are there all alone
all alone
all alone
all alone

all alone
there’s nothing to do but pick the broom up again
or the lifestyle or the substance
or the bad relationship
or way you relate to the world

Because that’s at the bottom of this
it doesn’t matter if the thing that makes you big is power
or food or sex or being adored
( i like that one, being adored)
the trip is the same
looking in the wrong direction

how about taking a leap
without a broom?

the street doctor, Newarkian hero
feeder of the poor
good citizen
told us once
“what you are seeking
is seeking you”
ah…so does this mean I can stop trying to grab it?

© 2010 exitsbyalice



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