poetry from another dimension

perfect world

happily ever after

it should be different, right?
where is my white picket fence
my perfect husband in his business suit
and my two point five children?

where oh where was that perfect childhood
wrapped around white apron strings
and fresh baked sugar cookies
brothers and sisters
tumbling in the grass
teasing loving and never falling into that
tiny trap of mean

where oh where is that perfect planet
where conflict never happens
and the skies are always blue
and it only rains….
well, hmmm we’ll come back to that one

where oh where is that perfect god and goddess
protectively shielding us from ups and downs
and sideways
and anything that might cause us to feel a little

perfect without defect or blemish
without qualification

i know
you are a parent
is not your child’s anomaly the thing that
makes them lovely?
why would the world be made any different

a tense of verbs used to denote a completed action
it says nothing about
an action that others
perceive as without flaw
just that the action is completed
meaning whole
coming back to its source

can you imagine?
a world where it never rained?
who would want to?
rain is the perfect action
even on a day we planned a picnic
it’s never incomplete
(“has it finished raining yet?”)
even in the days of noah
when it’s job was done
it was done
and the waters receded.

ah wait
this IS the perfect world
its the place where action
can be


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