poetry from another dimension

semi-charmed life

I prayed for wealth

and i dreamed that
the lord destroyed
the home and
the family
and the work that I called my own
had all but disappeared
i found myself in a land of plenty
surrounded by opulent furnishings
and glittering gems
with which to adorn the body
our bodies draped in silk
were maneuvered through time in space
in expensive machines
lined with the skins
of sentient beings

the table was full of food
but none of it was real
we could feel it
we could taste it
but it provided no nourishment
when people spoke to us,
we could not hear them
unless they were
telling the truth

and then I woke up
and found myself no longer
in the land of silks and gems,
but instead on a hard dirt road
wearing naught but a sheet
carrying begging bowl and walking stick
but this time
everywhere I went
people were singing
and they were speaking of love
they supported one another
through gestures of kindness
and happiness permeated the air
like a fine fragrance
our huts were simple
our needs were few
and when people spoke the truth
we heard them

and then I woke up
to find myself back
in my humble home
wearing a ripped up t-shirt
and a pair of jeans
with a small bit of food,
full of nourishment
and friends everywhere
speaking the truth

and i realized that the wealth i’d been seeking
had been here
all along

© 2010 exitsbyalice (because I’m not selfless enough for public domain 🙂


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