poetry from another dimension

crumbling chains

along time ago
i sat on the banks of the rivers edge with
my grandmother
tribal elder that she was
she had a way of turning baking cookies into
the answer to a lifelong prayer
or the solution to the mysteries of the universe

I was leaving my marriage
and it seemed strange to me that
something I had promised to do forever
was undone by forces
beyond my reckoning
how was one to ever keep a promise
in a world like this?

and she said
“sometimes, Natalie
maybe all the time
it’s not about you
a relationship serves a purpose
and then it’s done
and so you thank them
and bless them and release them
with the words
“i wish you happiness, prosperity and peace”

and you, being the sensitive soul that you are
are likely to feel and hear their subtle scorn
their unkindness
their snide remarks
their ridicule
as they depart
your not having met the expectations
they had of you
when they courted your affections
and you respond
“I wish you happiness prosperity and peace”

for your job in life is not to meet another’s expectations
and their job is not to meet yours

for every relationship is about completing something
and the only way for anything to be complete is to
end it on a loving note.
the only way.
and if you wish them happiness prosperity and peace
rather than being pulled into their derision
then that of course will be returned to you
a million fold, from a loving universe.

I wish you happiness prosperity and peace, folded it into a paper airplane
and with a puff of air from my broken heart
sent into into the atmosphere far across the ocean


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