poetry from another dimension

distant shores

over there in the corner
can you see it?
the light’s not so good in here right now
let me turn it up

can you see it?
the box!
rich, cherry wood
X dashes a blazing trail on top

a souvenir
of an adventure
on an island

long ago

an outcropping of a mountain
arising from the ocean floor
with palm trees
and coconuts and dates
a veritable paradise

I skimmed the piece of parchment
an etching of a land accessed onl
once you had crossed the deep deep sea

traversing the dotted line
up the beach
and through the jungle
searching for the answer
to a question
not known

the unknown question
propelled me,
over the sea,
without a boat
(or a suitcase)
looking for
some thing or some one
i knew not

pausing to hear the conversation
of the monkeys
in the trees
(them, not me)
and there it was
in a blazing fire of radiant light
behind a tiny bush
marked with a luminous red X
X marks the spot, yes?

what could it mean
a stain to be removed?
a great rock band from the eighties?
or the spot where a wise person
would dig for treasure?

it’s been done before,
but i went for the treasure
after all, I was lucky
I didn’t have to dig to find the box
it was almost like
it was waiting for me
i was sure it was

was this it?
was this what called me across the sea?
I reached down and as I accidently turned over a fallen leaf
the red X disappeared
and the lock on the box
and slid open

the box was waiting for me
resonant with expectation

cracking the lid
there were no explosions
or snakes
no cages dropped down
over head
and the monkeys kept chattering
as though
nothing unusual
was going on

perhaps that was the case
nothing unusual was going on.

there in the box
miles from home
was a picture
a picture of me
with a friend I loved
very much
at a moment of great happiness

seven years before we met
i dreamed that we would be friends,
had been friends,
for lifetimes
although we knew one another not
at the time
when we met
in the years that followed the dream
we knew
we had known each other

I pulled the picture out of the box and looked at the back
and there it was,
seven years before we met
on the day I first dreamed of him
like a bell ringing in the ethers

looking back into the box
there was a tiny satchel
(only existing in fairy tales…
anywhere else,
it’s just a bag)
and the tiny satchel was labeled
“dream seeds”

cracking a coconut on a rock
slurping juice and extracting pulp by hand
i sat down to contemplate
this interesting turn of events.
well no, not exactly
i sat down to eat a coconut and let
go the figuring out
breaking open the space for insight
rich clear spacious mind
in a coconut
and as i sat and ate
a poem started to arise instead
about a coconut
and so i pulled out my pencil and started
to scratch that poem out on a banana leaf
and then another and then another
poem leaf poem leaf

Before I knew it the sun had crossed the sky

coming out of linguistic reverie
I looked again at the box
and reaching over
lifted the lid
inside, the previous picture was gone
and in its stead

a torn shred of notebook paper
“time to write”
it said

oh yes, I had forgotten as i
landed on the shore that weeks before
or maybe it was months
not, truth be told it was years before
i had wished for just that
as i napped on the shores of the beach of
hearts desire, dreaming

now here i was
on this deserted island
scribbling poems
on leaves,
an endless expanse of time
the satchel of dream seeds shifted and a few drifted
onto the sand.

laying on the sand
a thought arose about dreams coming true
they do
they do they do
what are you dreaming? I asked the world
what are you dreaming?

and so I scribbled it down on a banana leaf
what are you dreaming?
it will come true! you can be sure of that!
although the dream may not be seeding the thing you think it is
of course on a desert island i now have time to write.
i’m glad to be here
with the coconuts and dates and monkeys.
but that wasn’t exactly how I was dreaming
the well fed life next
to the beach
and the time to write.
but it couldn’t be more perfect
mansions require caretaking

and like all things, feeling arose
there would not be a staying here,

so i lay on the shore
and I dreamed like this:

at the perfect time
a raft with another friend,
from lifetimes ago
and from lifetimes to come,
would come to carry me back across the choppy seas
to the shores of hearts desire.
traveling forward to
a new adventure
on a distant shore

I scribbled the words
“from narayani annapurnana
on the island of lost dreams”
on the leaf
with the words
“what are you dreaming?”
slipped it into
into a coke bottle
i’d been carrying for years
with a few of the seeds
just for good measure

tossed it into the sea
before turning back
the ocean of words and ideas
on the quiet shore
of my tiny island

© 2010 exitsbyalice


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