poetry from another dimension

bliss, this way

you ask me

what happened

where did you go?

there was that rabbit,

years ago

he held a sign

“wedded bliss,

this way”

now that annoyed me

this man

trying to seduce me

in the guise

of a rabbit

it was not sexy in the least

and yet

for some reason

I married him anyway

down the rabbit hole, so they say

I followed him, thinking that

we had

somewhere to go

that would make us happy

we arrived at the entrance

a house, it was

i followed him across the threshold

he made himself scarce

I sought to amusement

by myself

in the meantime


on the table

a tiny book,

“The Laws of the Land”.

the book cried out,

“read me”

and so

I opened the book

and as i read the book

“The Laws of the Land”

grew large

and to contain them

I grew larger

until finally

there was no room left

in that tiny house

for the two of us

the rabbit returned


where was his book?

and immediately realized

that the woman he married

no longer fit into the house

he had built

for her

and just as in the story

there were victimized lizard friends and

pebbles tossed in the windows

attempts to tame the giant

and reclaim what he felt was his

is was to no avail,



the pebbles

pelting my still delicate skin

turned to

milk less chocolate drops

and as I ate them

I began to shrink

so much so

that he couldn’t see me, anymore

I ran out the door

as fast as I could

“the first thing I’ve got to do,” I said to myself

as I wondered through the trees

(yes I mean wondered)

looking for the forest

“is grow back to my right size again;

and the second thing

is to find my way

into that lovely garden.

I think that will be the best plan”.

And then as I looked up,

there he was again

the white rabbit

smiling this time

holding out a paw of milk less chocolates

and a sign that said

“total bliss, infinite, unending, this way”

ah ha

and so I skipped the garden and followed him

back into the house.

as he hopped stridently

into the next room

i gazed at the table

where “The Laws of Land” once lay

and found in its place

an intricate design spelled out

in milk less chocolates

“stand on your head”.

so this is the way to bliss

i think to myself

and so

I do

and as I press down into the floor with my forearms

and reached up to the sky with my toes

it emerged

so this is bliss

just a glimpse

just enough

for my heart and my mind and my soul

to expand

my right foot

became stuck in the chimney

and my forearm jammed

against the window sill

the lizard and the rabbit returned

“oh no”

“what do we do with it”

“I don’t know”

they left

and in the silence of their departure

there was a hum

like a background sound

pulsating the walls of the house

vibrating the skin of the arms

and humming through the toes

on down through the crown of the head

and then


shrinking began in earnest this time

and quickly.

until once again

I found myself

sitting on the ground outside the house

bliss less

but with a bit of a clearer heart

i needed a new plan.

where was that lovely garden anyway

the garden of bliss

the rabbit came back

and another and another

and another

and they took their turns

coaxing me back into the house

or trying to anyway

and as I sat and watched them

it occurred to me

that it wasn’t about the

house itself

and it wasn’t about the rabbit

they were fine

doing their rabbit thing

but to go their way

was not getting me anywhere

but down rabbit holes

and stuck in cramped


like a piece being moved around on a chess board

no purpose of her own

and then i saw

to the left

a looking glass

a nice one

reflecting the trees and the flowers and the bees and so I thought

i’d like to take a look at that

and i stepped closer and gazed into my own expression

and saw the words


reflecting deep inside the pupils of the eyes of

the mirror me

I lifted my hand to touch her


do I have to tell you?

the  looking glass turned into mist

and through I went

merging (e) into a reflection of myself

in a field of flowers and trees

fruitful harvest and dazzling light

no  rabbits

just a table

with a game board

displaying an array of options

“transcendental infinite bliss”

“cosmic infinite bliss”

“tantric infinite bliss”

“snacks and naps” and so on

and also

a pair of dice

(there has to be some restriction

in a finite poem like this, lest it go on forever)

and so i began to roll

and rock

and roll again

making a tour of the whole damn board and then back again

reveling not so much in the intermediate destinations

but in the freedom

to roll the dice

without those rabbits

don’t get me wrong

i love the cute and furry

but maybe, just maybe

well, I’m not going to tell you that

some times

the end of the story

is best found

by ones


© 2010 exitsbyalice


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