poetry from another dimension

the beloved gasp

Ruth St. Denis as Radha

hey what is that tower
crashing over your head
a dream defined and dying
a love affair ending

or just the stock market
doing its stock market thing

you aren’t the same person
i knew yesterday
or today
or tomorrow

perhaps its the destruction
of a wall or two
dividing your heart and mind
or mine
or the destruction of an illusion
that can be replaced by a gift

i wonder whether you can hear me
through the ethers whispering your name
you always answer
are you there?

why is this love affair ending
has its purpose been fulfilled?
then why do I not feel finished
with you

i want only more of you
expanding together
in this infinite ocean
that is love
any devotee knows
the times of separation
allow us to know
the depth of our dependence
on love

the yogis waking up
alert, aware, present
maybe waking up means
all that is possible to feel
or maybe the two are inseparable
like being in love
you smell every flower
and hear every bee.
the moon has a taste
it’s the only way to live

but fish don’t know they are swimming in the ocean
until perhaps they are taken out of the ocean
then all they want to do is get back in the ocean
gasping for air
i mean
gasping for ocean
i mean
gasping for love
is that devotion?

yes, i suppose so
a beloved gasp
don’t let this end

© 2010 exitsbyalice


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