poetry from another dimension

infinite oceans

padding lightly
across a landscape of shattered tea cups
and broken dreams
strewn across the inky void
emerging in the distance
an arc of light
love, infinite love
a wave crashing closer
a light burning brighter
across time and space
an embrace
collapsing into a great black hole
absorbing furniture
crumpled pieces of paper
and unfulfilled desires
lingering across the eons
vast vast vacuum

yama the lord of death comes
sitting on the edge of your bed
a profound teacher indeed
what do you ask him?
what’s it all about anyway?
was there a purpose to all this?
is it true that this body can be washed away
in the ocean of eternity, never to be seen again
and yet,
my deeds loving and unloving live on forever?


my dear
he says
as the wall collapse
and the sun rises and falls
over our heads
as long as you believe
there is past present and future then
in fact what you said
will appear to be true

he continues
as the moonless night
creates a canopy
the moment you understand that
time itself is an ocean
there is no tomorrow
there is no yesterday
just as there is no front of the ocean
or the bottom of the ocean
just sandy shore
and sandy bottom
edges that imply
the existence of an infinite something

the question is, are you the sandy bottom
or are you the ocean?

this death is no ending
it is a new beginning
full of shining light and infinite love
you are not alone
you are never alone
the days of suffering are over
step into the world of the twice born
who know death and then
know how to live
swimming in the ocean
of infinity

© 2010 exitsbyalice


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